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New Zealand Capital, The Capital City of New Zealand

  • New Zealand Capital

    Wellington The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington. Wellington is located on the southern tip of the North Island and is the second-most populous city in the country, after Auckland. It is known for its picturesque harbor, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and its status as the political and administrative center of New Zealand. Wellington is home to the New Zealand Parliament, numerous government agencies, and foreign embassies.
    Wellington Time now is Friday, July 19, 2024 12:40:01 AM
    New Zealand Capital Wellington map
    New Zealand Capital map

New Zealand Flag, The National Flag of New Zealand,AU

  • New Zealand Flag

    🇳🇿, The flag of New Zealand, often known as the "New Zealand Ensign," consists of a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton (the upper-left corner) and four red stars with white edges to the right of the Union Jack. These stars form the Southern Cross constellation, a prominent feature in the southern hemisphere's night sky. The Southern Cross stars are represented in their distinctive four-star pattern, with one larger star and three smaller stars. This flag design is a symbol of New Zealand's connection to its British heritage (Union Jack) and its location in the southern hemisphere. The flag has been a source of debate and discussion in New Zealand, with periodic calls for a new flag design that better represents the nation's unique identity, independent of its historical ties to the United Kingdom.

    The National Flag of New Zealand,NZ

    New Zealand Flag

    New Zealand national Māori flag

    New Zealand national Māori flag

New Zealand Time, The Timezones of New Zealand

  • New Zealand Time & Time Zones

    Auckland, Wellington and other big cities in New Zealand time (NZT) is: Friday, July 19, 2024 12:40:01 AM
    New Zealand Standard Timezone is UTC+12, Pacific/Auckland. New Zealand observes multiple time zones due to its elongated geography, spanning approximately 1,600 kilometres (994 miles) from north to south. New Zealand also observes daylight saving time during the summer months to make better use of daylight. Daylight saving time starts on the last Sunday in September and ends on the first Sunday in April. During this period, New Zealand shifts its clocks forward by one hour. New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT): NZDT is UTC+13.
    New Zealand time zones
    It's important to check the current New Zealand time zone and daylight saving status when planning activities or communications in New Zealand, especially if you are traveling across the country or scheduling international meetings. New Zealand Standard Timezone is UTC+12, Pacific/Auckland. 3-hour ahead of Australia.

    New Zealand Timezones

    New Zealand Timezones

    Chatham Standard Time (CHAST): CHAST is UTC+12:45, and it is observed in the Chatham Islands, which are located about 800 kilometers (497 miles) to the east of the South Island. The Chatham Islands are 45 minutes ahead of the rest of New Zealand.

New Zealand Capital (NZ)

  • New Zealand Island

  • New Zealand Island

  • NZ Region Abbreviations

    New Zealand Region Abbreviations
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  • New Zealand Regions & Capitals

    New Zealand Region & Capitals